Eight Owls Honored at Model UN

Eight Owls earned awards at the 2022 YMCA Model UN Conference. Palmer Howie ’25 (representing Cambodia), Fletcher Taylor ’26 (Malawi), Amrik Chakravarty ’25 (Nepal), Alyaan Salman ’23 (Burkina Faso), Tyler Dang ’24 (West Africa), and Harrison Goetze ’24 (West Africa) were named Outstanding Delegates after presenting and debating potential solutions for world issues for the countries they represented.
Thomas Preston ’23, Jack Zaptin ’23, and Salman won the Outstanding Resolution award for their resolution on improving education in Burkina Faso. Parth Mishra ’23 and Kyan Ramsay ’23 served as officers and general assembly vice presidents during the event.  

The conference – held in Murfreesboro – was the largest YMCA Model UN to date with 1,200 students. Three conference rooms split up the general assembly into 400 students each.