DECA Hosts Mr. David Lee ’12

Mr. David Lee ’12, of Crestview Collection home décor company, spoke at the DECA Lunch and Learn, Thursday, December 1, about international business relations, supply chain management, building relationships, and understanding and respecting international cultural norms.
Lee, who serves as director of business development and sourcing, was schooled in international business customs during his Upper School breaks when he traveled to Dongguan in China’s Guangdong province. He has worked at Crestview Collection since graduating from Southern Methodist University, and he has also developed the casual décor business, Porch View, with two partners.

Traveling more than five months a year, Lee has built relationships in China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Vietnam to help expand his businesses. Fluent in Mandarin, he is well-practiced in customs from a variety of countries.

Lee spoke about business processes and provided an overall picture of what it is like to develop relationships all over the world. He encouraged students to seek knowledge in sociology and psychology while working on their emotional intelligence. Honing awareness of self and others will not only help build business relationships, the lifelong Memphian explained, but it will also take one further in life.

“That [awareness] is a key to success in life in general. If you come away with nothing else from this talk, look up emotional intelligence.”