Owls Earn All-West Band Honors

Congratulations to the Owl musicians who auditioned for the All-West Tennessee Bands. They performed difficult musical excerpts and scales, and they were required to sight-read in front of a judge who is a professional musician and/or teacher.
“The Owls outperformed many of the 2,000 students at the auditions,” Music Instructor Chris Piecuch said.
Combined with the All-West Tennessee Orchestra results, 27 students achieved honor status.
The following students earned All-West Band honors:
11-12 Band
Senior Jeffrey Liu, 4th chair Blue Band, clarinet
Senior Henry Yu, 3rd chair Red Band, clarinet
Junior Sai Madasu, 4th chair Blue Band, bass clarinet
Junior Parth Patel, 23rd chair Blue Band, clarinet
Junior Eshaan Patnaik, 7th chair Blue Band, clarinet
Junior Alan Zhou, 12th chair Blue Band, flute         
9-10 Band
Sophomore Luke Akers, 18th chair Blue Band, clarinet
Sophomore Alan Cheng, 4th chair Blue Band, trombone
Sophomore Joey Paul, 16th chair Blue Band, clarinet
Sophomore Carson Smith, alternate bassoon
Freshman Joshua Gramm, 6th chair Blue Band, alto sax
Freshman Wilson Pace, 3rd chair Red Band, alto sax
Freshman Lucas Zhang, 2nd chair, Blue Band, clarinet
Freshman Brady Ehrhart, alternate tuba
Freshman Sohum Valauliker, alternate oboe
Four members of the MUS orchestra secured placement in the All-State Band after auditioning: Liu, Patnaik, Zhang, and Cheng (alternate). Additional students could qualify for All-State status in the future.   

Earning All-West and All-State recognition is a great honor and valuable for seeking college scholarships!