Nine Owls Compete in AIME

Nine Owls competed in the prestigious American Invitational Math Exam Tuesday, February 7. The students scored well enough on their American Math Competition exams to qualify for the three-hour, 15 question AIME.
Senior Jeffrey Liu and juniors Gabe Chen, Bryan Ding, Dannie Dong, Eshaan Patnaik, and Jerry Xiao took the AMC12 – a test meant for upperclassmen that is also open to lowerclassmen looking for a greater challenge.

Sophomores Alan Cheng, Michael Liu, and freshman Albert Ding participated in the AMC10.  All nine hope to score high enough on the AIME to qualify for the USA Mathematical Olympiad.

Pictured from above left: Gabe Chen, Alan Cheng, Albert Ding, Bryan Ding, Dannie Dong, Jeffrey Liu, Michael Liu, Eshaan Patnaik, Jerry Xiao