Lower School Co-Edge with Bees

The eighth grade Owls and seventh grade Hutchison Bees made the trek across the tree line separating the two campuses to swap places for Co-Edge Day.
The seventh graders split up into 16 mixed groups of nine as they rotated between four stations located across the MUS campus. Students in Todd-Snowden Gym made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and assembled lunches for several food-distribution charities while in Ross Lynn Arena the Owls and Bees played stick ball.

Science Instructor Nick Blackwell and Technology Instructor Corey Phillips ran a game of Code Names, which encouraged teamwork. They were constantly shuffling teams in Wunderlich Auditorium to promote boys and girls collaborating to guess their team’s words. 

The seventh graders watched novelist Chimamanda Adichie’s TedX talk “The Danger of a Single Story.” The Nigeria native and celebrated author discusses stereotypes and how people have more than one story that defines them. At the end of the day Lower School Principal Loyal Murphy ’86 challenged the gathered students to see who could name all the members of their group. 

The eighth graders participated in activities like bridges team building, Jeopardy, and cornhole. The games and tasks were designed to promote working together as a unit – much like the seventh grade Co-Edge. 

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