Students Elect Owen Honor Council President

The student body elected junior Bennett Owen to be the 2023-24 Honor Council president.

The Honor Council, composed of representatives from each class and a president elected by the student body, is charged with the responsibility of seeing that the school’s Honor Code is upheld and that any violation is dealt with fairly and justly.
In his speech to fellow Owls during chapel March 22, Owen said the Honor Code is at the heart of both the school and its mission. “The Honor Code is not a set of rules that we follow day in and day out, but a way of life and maintaining the high expectations set before us.” 

Owen, who has served on the Honor Council since the seventh grade, said he has seen a variety of cases, and he has learned that one mistake does not determine the full character of a person. Mistakes provide opportunities for students to grow and be prepared for the rigors of future studies and life beyond school. 

“The Honor Council strives to help students learn from their mistakes before these mistakes begin to dictate their future,” he said.

He sees the words “There are two victories, the moral and the physical” in the lobby of Sue H. Hyde Sports and Physical Education Center every day on his walk into school. This phrase, from the school’s athletics philosophy, reminds him that the spirit of the Honor Code extends beyond the classroom, and it is rooted in Owls’ core principles. 

“I have been encouraged by the values that the Honor Code holds so tightly, and it has taught me that being honorable and having integrity are some of the most important qualities that one can possess.” 

Owen ended his speech with a quote from British physicist Lord Kelvin.

“The true measure of a man is what he would do if he knew he would never be caught.”