Math Modeling Team 2-Time Finalists

The team of seniors Amar Kanakamedala, Jeffrey Liu, Henry Yu, Lou Zhou, and junior Evan Wu were finalists in two math modeling competitions, each requiring extensive data mining and analysis followed by a detailed written report.
In the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge, they were among 168 teams (out of 650) to advance to the second round, based on their research paper "Riding into the Future: Evaluating E-Bikes," written entirely during a 14-hour marathon session March 3. After judges analyzed the code in their paper, the team received honorable mention distinction in the technical computing category. The email announcement included the following:

“We respect the work that your team did to reach this echelon of recognition. Your technical computing work was judged to be in the top 3% of teams that submitted a solution with code appendix.  We applaud your team’s efforts to include code in this year’s M3 Challenge and hope to see your school participate again next year.”  

In the Modeling The Future Challenge, they were among 13 teams (out of 114) to be named finalists, based on their research paper "Breaking the Cycle: Reducing Recidivism in Iowa State Prisons." They await further results in this competition.

“These guys have worked really hard, meeting almost every week this year, under the fierce tutelage of Lou Zhou, who recruited his four classmates last fall,” Mathematics Instructor Steve Gadbois said. “They were fully self-motivated; all I did was provide a classroom and lots of food, some of it healthy.”