Owls Excel on NLE

Owls earned 140 awards for achievement on the 2023 National Latin Exam – 84 Summa Cum Laude Gold Medals, 29 Maxima Cum Laude Silver Medals, and 22 Magna Cum Laude and 5 Cum Laude certificates.
Special recognition goes to 12 students who earned perfect scores.
  • Latin I: Eighth graders Liam Curran, Abdullah Khawaja, Clay Patterson
  • Latin II: Freshmen Joshua Gramm, Trey McDonald, Henry Phan, Henry West, Carter Wildrick
  • Latin III: Sophomores Wills Frazer, Michael Liu, Oscar Liu, Kushal Patel
Students who score above the national average qualify for medals. Generally, the top 10-13% of students nationwide earn Summa Cum Laude, the next 10-13% receive Maxima Cum Laude, and so forth. There are several testing levels, including Advanced Reading Comprehension I (ARC1), Advanced Poetry I (APO1), Advanced Prose (APR1), Intermediate Latin I (IL1), and Beginning Latin I and II (BL1 and BL2).

Thanks to Mr. Dax Torrey ’94 for serving as the official exam administrator and to Mr. Joe Tyler, Mr. Ted Fockler ’10, and Mr. Jeff Posson ’03 for serving as proctors.