Crowd Cheers Trigon Final

Students and faculty flocked to Thomas Amphitheater to watch as three Lower School contenders took to the arena for the trigon finals May 4.
The ancient Roman game involves three competitors standing in a triangle, tossing a ball to one another, and catching it with their non-dominant hand. Points are deducted for poor throws and missed catches. Lower School Athletic Director Matt Bakke served as referee to determine who was awarded points on close calls. 

A faculty warmup featuring Coach Kyle Finney, English Instructor Anna Hedgepeth, and Science Instructor Garrett Smithson helped remind the crowd of the rules. 

Then eighth graders Adams Feild, Elliott Poore, and Doug Suddarth – finalists from earlier elimination matches – held a spirited and close competition while Chair of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages Ryan Sellers called the game. 

Lower School Principal Loyal Murphy presented Poore with his trophy – a gladiator bobblehead he displayed proudly to fellow Owls.

“Ancient Rome is never far away from 21st-century America, and the popularity of a game like trigon certainly proves this,” Sellers said. “It’s a fun game that anyone can play, and it’s become a wonderful Lower School spring tradition.”

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