Owls Attend Latin Veterani Dinner

Owl Latin students enjoyed the Latin Veterani Dinner at St. Mary’s Episcopal School on Monday, October 16. Around 75 “veteran” Latin IV and Latin V students from Collierville, Houston, Hutchison, St. Mary’s, and White Station joined MUS at the dinner.
Seniors Bryan Ding, Will Gramm, Parth Patel, Everett Sego, Jerry Xiao, and Alan Zhou and juniors Andrew Bruce, Joephen Chen, Alan Cheng, Ammar Duldul, Hunter Fair, Coleman Kimmel, Rushil Komeravelli, Michael Liu, Oscar Liu, Declan Lonergan, Kushal Patel, Joey Paul, Noah Porter, Davis Rudd, Carson Smith, Kip Stalls, Whitt Stockburger, Gabe Ungab, and Luke Walters attended the event.

Dr. Amanda Gaggioli, assistant professor of history at the University of Memphis, delivered the keynote address on the topic of earthquakes in the Greco-Roman world.

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