All-West Orchestra Honors

Congratulations to all Owl musicians who auditioned for the All-West Tennessee Orchestras. They performed difficult musical excerpts, scales, and were required to sightread in front of a judge who is a professional musician and/or teacher.
The following Owls earned All-West honors:

High School Symphony Orchestra

Senior Gabe Chen, 1st chair violin
Senior Dannie Dong, 1st chair percussion
Senior Joel Lim, 1st chair oboe
Senior Evan Wu, 3rd chair viola
Senior Alan Zhou, 3rd chair flute
Junior Alan Cheng, 2nd chair trombone
Junior Michael Liu, 10th chair violin

This is the sixth straight year Lim has been named first chair, and Dong scored 30 points higher than the next closest student. 

9-10 String Orchestra
Sophomore Bill Chiang, 1st chair violin
Sophomore Liam McCarver, 2nd alt. cello
Sophomore Henry Phan, 32nd chair violin
Freshman Will Brezina, 33rd chair, violin
Freshman Soren Johnson, 16th chair cello
Freshman Henry Sproles, 1st alt. bass

Middle School Orchestra
Seventh grader Jenson Bridge, 13th chair cello
Seventh grader Aaron Chiang, 9th chair cello

All-State Honors
In addition, the following students scored high enough to make the Tennessee All-State Orchestra:
Gabe Chen, violin
Bill Chiang, violin
Dannie Dong, percussion
Joel Lim, oboe
Michael Liu, violin
Evan Wu, viola