Families Matter Director Speaks in Chapel

Executive Director of Families Matter Carol Jackson spoke in chapel about the work of the faith-based nonprofit to strengthen marriages, fathers, and families. This was the first of our Black History Month presentations.
Introduced by her grandson, Jackson Ransom ’24, Mrs. Jackson touched on the 12 Principles of Manhood classes taught by Families Matter, designed to help boys grow into men of character.
According to familiesmatter.org, “the principles cover the decision to become a man, demonstrating gratitude for being a man, overcoming temptation, refusing to give in to harmful behavior, challenging yourself to do your best, having the highest respect for women, having compassion for children, respecting all people, taking care of your responsibilities, taking a stand for what is right, learning from your mistakes, and demonstrating gratitude for your life.”
Growing up without a father, Jackson understands the importance of a man’s involvement with his family, and that understanding has informed the work of Families Matter. Her husband of 55 years, Herman Jackson, is the director of the Fatherhood Initiative at the agency.
Saying “men teach men and boys teach boys,” Jackson encouraged students to give of themselves. “My desire is that students from Memphis University School care enough to donate some of their time to help Families Matter do the work of the city by reducing crime, by employing children to be their best selves, and by helping them create a future for themselves.”
For more information, visit familiesmattermemphis.org.