Owls Win WordSmith Awards

Twelve students participated in the 2024 WordSmith Olympics February 25 at the University of Memphis, led by Instructor in English Eric Dalle ’93. Among the awardees, seventh grader Gus Williams and senior Jerry Xiao each placed second in the 40-word dash in their age groups.
The competition includes Grades 7-12 competing in the 40-word dash, 100-word dash, and 120-word dash. Each winner in these categories is then invited to the main event, a 400-word dash on a 60-minute timer. 

The 40-word dash requires students to describe an object without naming it. In the 100-word dash participants create a narrative of events depicted in pictures. For the 120-word dash contestants write a letter to the editor taking a stance on an issue refenced in a collection of recent news headlines. 

Over 200 students from the area participated, including 12 from MUS with five Owls earning awards.

Seventh Grade
Graydon Hobson
Hudson Rhodes

Eighth Grade
Nat Harris
Gus Williams, second in the 40-word dash and third in the 120-word dash

Ninth Grade
Carson Alexander
Coleman Russell

Tenth Grade
Brady Ehrhart, honorable mention in the 120-word dash
Miles McCarroll, honorable mentions in the 40-word and 80-word dash

Eleventh Grade
Hall Akin
Kushal Patel

Twelfth Grade
Will Hess, honorable mention in the 120-word dash
Jerry Xiao, first place in the 40-word dash and second in the 120-word dash