­­­Students Elect Davis Honor Council President

The student body elected junior Tucker Davis to be the 2024-25 Honor Council president following the Upper School nomination and voting process.
The Honor Council, composed of representatives elected by each class and a president elected by the student body, is charged with the responsibility of upholding the school’s Honor Code and dealing fairly and justly with any violation.

In his speech to fellow Owls during chapel March 20, Davis described the Honor Council as an extension of the student body. Students sign the Oath of Honor, and it must be supported by everyone, he said.

“The Honor Council is responsible for upholding this trust and accountability through the Honor System across our community. It investigates and acts upon cases of lying, cheating, or stealing at MUS and defends the open trust we are fortunate to experience here. The council’s goal is not to seek out and punish students who have violated our system of trust, but to help individuals understand and learn from their mistakes as well as get back to becoming young men of strong moral character.”

Davis, who has served on the Honor Council since the seventh grade, said he has witnessed numerous students appear before the council and admit to their mistakes, developing stronger character in the process. He added that he has learned from past Honor Council presidents Drew Burnett ’21, McRae Dickinson ’22, Carter Campbell ’23, and Bennett Owen ’24.

“As a representative, they have allowed me to stand on their shoulders, just as they were supported by and able to stand on the shoulders of past presidents. Like past presidents, I assure you that I will serve the student body and uphold the Honor System of MUS to the best of my ability.”