Students Honored for Latin Capstone Projects

Chair of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages Ryan Sellers announced the launch this year of Laurea Bubonis, a senior capstone recognition program created at the request of Headmaster Pete Sanders. Six seniors were honored for their projects with certificates, medallions, and – of course! – laurel crowns.
“The Laurea Bubonis program requires the students to complete an independent project, encourages them to explore and apply their knowledge of the classical world in a creative fashion, and helps prepare them for the sort of oral examinations they will likely experience in college,” Sellers said.

The following six seniors selected and completed projects according to their own interests, and they delivered oral presentations to the Latin faculty and their peers and answered questions afterward. (The program is not tied to a class grade.)

Bryan Ding - Creation of a computer program to evaluate the prevalence of Latin derivatives in texts (e.g., screenplay of Bee Movie, a Taylor Swift song).
Will Gramm - Creation of a YouTube video covering the lesser-known and lesser-taught era of late Roman antiquity.
Parth Patel - Completion of The Open University online classical Greek program; participation in the National Greek Exam; analysis of classical derivatives in the Preamble to the Constitution.
Everett Sego - Translation of the “dogs of war” speech in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar into Latin, with a theatrical performance to go along with it.
Jerry Xiao - Creation of brochures, with graphics and some original Latin translation, to promote attractions in the city of Rome to potential visitors (including MUS Latin students considering our Italy trip).
Alan Zhou - Analysis of “Thermae Romae Novae” (animated Japanese television series) with consideration of the parallels between classical Rome and modern-day Japan.