Thanksgiving Chapel

Instructor in English and Lacrosse Coach Chris Colbeck, sophomore Rob McFadden, and Headmaster Pete Sanders all spoke about gratitude and what they are thankful for in our annual Thanksgiving Chapel assembly. Our a cappella ensemble Beg To Differ performed The Star-Spangled Banner.
Mr. Colbeck shared his appreciation of music, MUS, and Memphis: “My profound thanks to all of you for welcoming me to Memphis – to a school with such a spirited English department, a proud lacrosse tradition, and above all else, a Hammond organ.”
McFadden reminded his fellow students that Thanksgiving means more than just food and football. “Most importantly, Thanksgiving is a day to think about how we have been blessed in so many ways and to give thanks for everything that we have.”
Mr. Sanders said Thanksgiving is one of his favorite holidays. “It’s a holiday that is uniquely American and it’s special. At the core is thankfulness and being together as a family.”
Happy Thanksgiving!