Science Teachers Partner with Rhodes College

As partners for Rhodes College’s Collaborative Chemistry Communities course this semester, MUS science instructors are working with Rhodes college science majors and providing them the opportunity for experiential learning by giving them teaching time in our classrooms. The Rhodes students are getting invaluable experience in high school science pedagogy and the dynamics of different classroom environments, interacting with our students and drawing from our faculty members’ experience teaching boys.
In a recent lesson, our Honors Chemistry students learned about hydrogen bonding, ion-dipole interactions, and Van Der Waals forces as the Rhodes students taught and led an experiment that demonstrated the chemical makeup of polystyrene (Styrofoam) and how it reacts to different solvents (water vs. acetone). “We are delighted to support the development of future science teachers by working with Rhodes College on this project,” Science Department Chair Analice Sowell said. “Rhodes has strong ties to the local research and biomedical community here in Memphis, and our students are getting a glimpse of future career opportunities by learning from these science majors and seeing what paths they are pursuing.”