National Honor Society Inducts New Members

Current members of the National Honor Society tapped 32 junior and senior inductees in a schoolwide ceremony March 23 highlighting the organization’s emphasis on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Four seniors spoke on these Honor Society characteristics.
Addressing scholarship, Jeremy Jacobs talked about “the scholar’s dilemma – the human tension between the simple pursuit of knowledge and the desire for recognition” and reminded students that scholarship is a process of self-betterment made more meaningful by pausing for “the simple joys of learning.”
Bobby Wade described the qualities of leadership and urged students “to use each day as an opportunity to inspire others through your actions [and] ideas.”
Speaking on character, Josiah Crutchfield said that the Honor Council helps students demonstrate integrity, while the whole MUS journey provides multiple chances to “test your mettle.”
Charlie Evans talked about the many opportunities for service at MUS and the long-term benefits that ensue: “Service builds camaraderie among all of us here; it is a bond that links us together, no matter what differences may seem to separate us.”
After Headmaster Pete Sanders’ closing charge to new members and congratulatory remarks, the honorees adjourned to a reception in the Dining Hall.
New members are as follows:
Louis Allen
Joshua Blackburn
Sonny Charbonnet
Stephen Christenbury
Jonathan Douglass
Eddie Feild
Trey Fussell
Reagan Griffin
Clay Harrison
Edward Henley
David Holmes
J.J. Johnson
Bailey Keel
Lee Linkous
Emerson Manley
Smith McWaters
Sloan Miles
Robbie Musicante
Eli Nations
Houston Pate
William Quinlen
Tyler Rakers
Nick Rezaee
Omar Selim
Sellers Shy
Loyd Templeton
Trey Thomas
Weston Touliatos
Jonathan Williams
Henry Wood
Philip Wunderlich
Grant Young
Current members are as follows:
Tate Bailey
Mack Bethell
Graham Boswell
Josiah Crutchfield
Charlie Evans
Benjamin Freeman
Alexander Goodwin
Miller Grissinger
Eli Gruen
Carlo Guinocor
Jackson Howell
Jeremy Jacobs
Marshall Jones
Brad Kerkhof
Chris Kerkhof
Barry Klug
John McBride
Hastings McEwan
William Miller
Jackson Moody
Jimmy Morrow
Peter Raves
Javan Smith
Stan Smythe
Landon Springfield
John Ross Swaim
Matthew Temple
Leon Vo
Bobby Wade
Jason Wang
Jacob Webb
Cameron Wyatt
Chang Yu