Brunson Shares Vietnam POW Experience

We offer deep gratitude to Lieutenant Colonel Cecil H. Brunson and his family for his military service and his presentation in chapel November 4. He spoke about his experience as a prisoner during the Vietnam War after being forced to eject from an F-4 Phantom jet over North Vietnam.
As his wife, Jean, anxiously waited at home, he spent 169 days in captivity in 1972-73. Thanks, as well, to their daughter, Angela Brunson, who presented during chapel on her dissertation, “Faith, Hope, and Torture: Music in the Prisoner of War Camps of Vietnam.” She described the role of music as both a form or torture used by the captors and a form of salvation employed by the prisoners. Maj. John Reinhardt ’07 came to hear the presentation.

See the chapel presentation by scrolling down on our Veteran Alumni page.