ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Leverage transformative teaching and learning practices that embody MUS’s mission and its rigorous place-based curriculum.
  1. Establish grade-level and departmental outcomes and competencies for student achievement.
  2. Broaden the curriculum to incorporate new practices in secondary education while preserving the school’s tradition of superb pedagogy and a longstanding commitment to its revered Honor Code.
  3. Optimize counseling and academic support resources and programs.
  4. Ensure that the MUS student experience fosters community and global citizenship.
  5. Develop a middle school mindset for the Lower School and determine the viability of adding a 6th grade.
  6. Implement a schedule revision that enables the re-envisioned academic model and encourages faculty innovation, faculty-student teamwork, and student interaction. 
Performance Goal Statement: By 2026 MUS will be recognized as the premier college preparatory school for boys in the state as evidenced by student outcomes, college placement, diversified curriculum model, and experiential education.


  • Department scope and sequence updated.
  • New Lower School student-support structure installed, incorporating Director of Studies, Academic Support Coordinator, and Counselor focusing on social-emotional support.
  • Research on the counseling structures of local and regional schools conducted.
  • Research and committee work assessing the benefits of adding a sixth grade conducted and ongoing.
  • Additional Lower School student-centered programming with a middle-school experience focus incorporated.
  • Professional development and training provided (curriculum, leadership, middle school, and social/emotional programming).
  • New social/emotional curriculum implemented.
  • Additional student service-leadership programming implemented.