VISIBILITY AND BRAND: Strategically leverage the MUS brand and reputation to expand visibility and understanding of the school in selected markets and position the school for success in internal and external endeavors.

  1. Implement a comprehensive communications and marketing plan that tracks and measures impact and outcomes among internal and external audiences.
  2. Develop a comprehensive accountability plan and cultivate a unified and welcoming community with enhanced communication so that all families, students, faculty, and alumni feel valued and supported as contributors to the school.
  3. Promote MUS as THE Memphis school for boys that makes a deep impact in the community.
Performance Goal Statement: Satisfaction surveys among school constituencies (internal and external) consistently exceed expectations.


  • Independent School Management (ISM) survey of faculty and staff, students, parents, and alumni conducted; analysis and incorporation of results ongoing.
  • Schedule of annual surveys gauging overall satisfaction among MUS students, parents, and faculty. Consulting with ISM to finalize.
  • Presentation of faculty survey results scheduled for September faculty meeting. ISM representative to present analysis of survey along with opportunities for faculty input in areas that are deemed “opportunities for growth.”
  • Launching of inaugural “Memphis Day,” a program designed to expose students to various aspects of the city and to build civic awareness and pride. Leaders of the Memphis Grizzlies, the Daily Memphian, and the Memphis City Council presented to faculty and students along with representatives from six local nonprofits. Presenters included MUS alumni, giving students an opportunity to see examples of alumni serving and impacting the city. Presentations were posted online for community members to view. Students later traveled Downtown to watch the Owls basketball team compete at the FedEx Forum. Later that night, Beg To Differ sang the national anthem at the Grizzlies/Warriors game, giving a sold-out crowd at the FedEx Forum a view of an impressive MUS performance featuring a diverse group of students. Going forward the keynote speaker for Memphis Day will be funded by the Cobbins Family Endowment.
  • Identification of more effective methods of promoting MUS within diverse Memphis communities with an emphasis on word-of-mouth branding. Consulted with champions of Goal IV.
  • Plans underway to collaborate with the Soulsville Foundation for events and programs.