SUSTAINABILITY: Ensure a sustainable future through diversified revenue streams informed by future trends, realities, and opportunities in key areas of enrollment, advancement, and partnerships.

  1. Diversify revenue streams year-round.
  2. Assess feasibility of a 6th Grade.
  3. Explore selected opportunities to partner with Memphis institutions and alumni on “big” ideas and opportunities that more deeply involve MUS students in the professional community.
  4. Ensure fundraising results through various strategic initiatives and optimized alumni and parent engagement.
  5. Refresh the financial sustainability plan based on post-pandemic scenarios.
Performance Goal Statement: By 2026 MUS will reach at least 50% growth in non-tuition revenue over six years.


  • Work has begun with the Coordinator of Student Life and Director of Summer Programs to coordinate all non-tuition revenue programming.
  • Assessment and planning continues to market opportunities that result in fuller use of campus facilities year-round (e.g., weekends, Winter Break, etc.).
  • Formed task force (administration, board, faculty, and staff) to assess viability of adding sixth grade, including market need, enrollment, faculty and curriculum expansion, etc.
  • Identified target enrollment and appropriate grade-level balance between Lower and Upper Schools.
  • Coordinator identified to create partnerships, place students in internships, and monitor their continued involvement.
  • Ellis Haguewood Legacy Endowment campaign completed, resulting in $15.6 million for current and future programming.
  • Evaluated FY 2021-22 results and projected enrollment and other resources as a baseline.
  • Increased staffing in Admissions and Enrollment Management Office.