FACULTY RECRUITMENT AND DEVELOPMENT: Deliver and sustain academic excellence and the evolving teaching and learning model through the best faculty.

  1. Develop a faculty strategic talent plan that incorporates the skills needed to deliver the MUS model of academic excellence, the desired student experience, and a middle school mindset.
  2. Assess faculty transition and succession models and implement the talent plan within the timelines essential to ensuring MUS’s position and reputation in secondary education.
  3. Support the talent plan and transition models with ongoing professional development.
  4. Create compensation and recruiting programs that enable the recruiting, hiring, and retention of the best faculty, staff, IT, and administration professionals.
Performance Goal Statement: By 2026 MUS will be recognized as an “employer of choice” as evidenced by faculty and staff survey rates, high retention, and competitive compensation that attracts and retains the most qualified faculty and staff.


  • Profile of a graduate in final stages.
  • Scope and sequence enhanced to incorporate departmental needs and outcomes.
  • Evaluation and observation plan formalized.
  • Onboarding and orientation process for new employees expanded.
  • Professional development incorporating administration and leadership expanded.
  • Compensation research begun.