INCLUSIVITY: Foster a diverse and inclusive community culture in which all students are safe and welcome and that enables them to adopt and practice the MUS core values of honor, intellect, character, and leadership.

  1. Re-examine, reaffirm, and translate the core values of the MUS experience (e.g., tradition, character) into all aspects of the school community.
  2. Develop a sense of belonging for all through individual responsibility and by demonstrating understanding, principles, and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through collaborative approaches and expectations.
  3. Identify a plan for increasing diversity and inclusion in the faculty and key volunteer and leadership groups.
  4. Demonstrate and measure inclusion across all constituencies ( faculty, students, parents, and alumni) and in local community engagement.
Performance Goal Statement: Develop faculty, Board and MUS cultures that are representative of the student body and demonstrate value for inclusion over statistical diversity – the former will produce an increase in the latter.

Year One Update:

  • Faculty Inclusion Committee meeting regularly to discuss and implement tactics to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the school.
  • Committee mission statement in development.
  • Plan for schoolwide focus on the tenets of the Community Creed: Truth and Honor, Scholarship, Service, Respect, Humility, Involvement, and Accountability.
  • Creation of Community Creed logo to brand this effort in chapel presentations, documents, posters, emails, and other communications.
  • Increase in faculty and staff diversity over the past two years.
  • New social/emotional curriculum implemented and new student-support system initiated in Lower School (see Goal I).