FACILITIES ASSESSMENT AND ENHANCEMENT: Thoughtfully plan and invest in a beautiful campus and physical plant footprint to ensure the school’s academic excellence and student experience.

  1. Upgrade the Campus Master Plan to align with the re-envisioned pedagogical model and to incorporate indoor and outdoor environments for students and the campus community.
  2. Prioritize investments for facilities determined essential to successfully implement MUS’s goals for academic excellence ( fine arts, sciences), athletics, student life, and community engagement.
  3. Invest resources for a richer Lower School experience.
  4. Develop a contemporary library and technology hub that facilitates students’ ability to gain knowledge and information through digital and print resources.
  5. Ensure that classroom design supports blended, collaborative, and team teaching and learning.
  6. Upgrade core training and wellness facilities serving all students (athletes and non-athletes).
Performance Goal Statement: Elevate the MUS campus facilities to a level commensurate with the excellence in teaching and the academic rigor of the school.


  • New comprehensive Campus Master Plan that incorporates results of the Strategic Plan completed by The Crump Firm. The plan envisions a new “East Campus” complex comprising a fine arts center/auditorium and arts classrooms, a science building, a library and technology center, and a Lower School building, in addition to an indoor field house and fitness center adjoining the Sue Hyde Sports and Physical Education Center.
  • Campus “Front Door” in Master Plan relocated to Park Avenue on the northeast side of campus; Admissions office relocated to east side of new arts building (facing Webb and Rogers fields) with an appealing, welcoming entryway; maintenance building relocated to the southeast area of campus in plan.
  • Research into the addition of a sixth grade ongoing; in the meantime, the new Lower School student-support structure facilitates addressing specific student needs, and enhancements to curriculum and programming improve the Lower School experience (see Goal I).
  • Updated technology infrastructure for entire campus.
  • Capital Campaign process underway.